Technology is rapidly changing and keeping things running smoothly is an integral part to your business. We help by Making Computers Work for You. We offer service and support tailored to your needs that match how your business functions.


Our Guardian+Desktop and Guardian+Server solutions are designed to keep your systems up to date and working properly to allow for business continuity. A balanced approach is key. Being proactive with regular maintenance keeps your systems reliable and reduces downtime. Our team develops a custom plan with you to determine the best fit for your company's needs.


You have access to affordable hourly professional IT services and support when you need it. Wilson Technology Group offers the same high quality remote and on-site contract support but at hourly rates. The on-demand support can cover a wide range of immediate needs and may include on-site visits to ensure your critical systems are up to date and running smoothly.


Protecting your data and keeping your business systems up and running during any unexpected event is extremely important. Affordable technology is available today that was once only economically feasible for large corporations. Our team works with you to develop affordable options for on-site and off-site recovery of your critical technology infrastructure to minimize downtime.


Gone are the days when small businesses can say they aren't vulnerable to internet attacks and hacks. In today's environment, no matter what size company you are, strong security practices are a necessity. We can help implement a multi-layer comprehensive protection plan that includes physical, network, hardware, and software security. We partner with a wide range of vendors that offer best in class security offerings.